Why are our contractors simply better?


Every contractor who you will encounter via the Ambient service has been carefully checked, vetted and heavily researched to ensure your complete peace of mind. We cut no corners in our efforts as a company to provide you with a guaranteed and proficient service from every single provider.

When you use the services of our contractors, we want you to be confident that you will receive the very best quality of workmanship, as well as a professional service. We seek out the most skilled craftsmen, the most meticulous experts and the most highly qualified specialists, so that you don’t need to spend your time researching your options yourself.


Let our 3-step process do the explaining:

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We recruit each contractor via our online portal here on our website. We ask for very specific and detailed histories so that we can verify their qualifications, project history, and client testimonials. Alongside this, we carry out basic identity and security checks.

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When we are happy with every detail, we will invite the contractor to join our company and work as part of the team. Our HR Department deals with the final part of the recruitment process, and provides the contractor with ongoing support. Every contractor must adhere to the roles and responsibilities as our company sets out, and is liable to be removed from our team if their customers are not completely satisfied.

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We work with the contractor to set their typical rates, making sure they are aware that overpricing will impact both our service and their business. Our goal as a company is to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping clients happy, and each contractor will have to commit to this with regard to quality of workmanship, materials, pricing and customer service.

The end result of all this hard work is a highly professional and happy team of first class contractors. Our providers are already well established, valued service providers who can see the benefit both environmentally and financially of being part of the Ambient team. Our contractors are in control of their own business, setting their own schedules and fees, but with the added benefit of a supportive network, helping them find great jobs to match their own skill set.

Our innovative way of doing business is designed to delight and surprise you when it comes to home improvements. Whether you’re planning an extension, remodelling of a room or an entire home renovation project, we’ve already found the expertise you need to get your job done flawlessly.