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The team at Ambient are always on hand to help with queries, provide advice and generally ensure that all processes run smoothly and professionally.


Our staffing is made up of two sectors – Support Staff and Contractors.


Support staff

The office support staff at Ambient are involved in every project from start to finish. They collaborate together on ongoing projects, help to build and develop the business infrastructure, bring into play innovative IT solutions and provide a sleek and efficient service. When you are dealing with Ambient, you may not come into contact with the whole team as many work behind the scenes i.e. IT, Accounts, HR, Sales & Marketing and Admin plus Business Development. However, you will often deal with our Customer Service staff who you will find exceptionally helpful, understanding, empathic and extremely skilful.


Any time you need help, information or assistance, we are all here to support you.


Contractor Groups

Our groups of contractors are the tradesmen that provide the physical services and carry out those essential home improvements or renovations to your property. All are vetted and checked by us so that when new areas of operation are identified by customer requests, our HR department will recruit new contractors with suitable skills and qualifications. Each group will consist of up to 25 verified contractors who will carry out work on our behalf for the customer i.e. electricals, roofing, plastering, plumbing, etc.


Just like our clients, these contractors have access to the web based work portal where they can check out job enquiries and provide and manage quotations. Where site visits are required, field reps from our admin team will carry out all essential tasks to ensure that data, images and measurements are collected and passed to contractors swiftly and accurately.


The contractor will provide quotations based upon his own costings but will always work in accordance with our company policy which is one of trust, professionalism and transparency of operation.


The group as a whole benefits from each individual contractors commitment to excellence and offering good value for money. This brings in repeat business, new clients and improves each contractor groups local reputation.

We all work together as part of one team

With every contractor being provided with full back-end support by our office staff, each department works hard to develop their own specialist group, responsible for one area of operation. Work is carriedout in accordance with our strict standards of presentation, cleanliness, professionalism and first class quality.


Check out our team for yourself when you use the services of Ambient. Our one-stop property solution service is available when you need it, manned by expert office and construction staff.