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At Ambient, we are always on the lookout for professional, skilled and consummate professional tradespeople and contractors who we can add to our team.


If you’re qualified, can offer 1st class service and can supply client testimonials and examples of work, we would love to hear from you.


We carry out a whole range of construction, renovation, extension and repair projects throughout the West Midlands, so you ideally need to be located within the same geographical location.

Your type of skill

Property renovation


Conversions such as attics, lofts, garages etc.

Fitting of new bathrooms

New kitchens








This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have a skill that you feel we could use, get in touch.

The process

When new areas are identified, we will recruit local contractors to create a ‘contractor group’ within the area to offer our customers our range of services, further information will be made available on our website along with a link to our application form.


Once we have your full details, our admin team will carry out essential background checks You will normally be required to have full disclosure too, so this will be attended to at the same time. Customer testimonials will be verified and we will take the time to look at a couple of your last projects to check quality.


Once this is all done, your file will be passed to our HR Department who will discuss terms of work, rates of pay and all other essential details. Thereafter, you will be given access to our website and we will start to receive Quotation Requests along with other members of your contractor group


Check out our site now and if joining forces with Ambient appeals, get in touch.