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When you choose Ambient, our super-easy quotation request process and secure client portal puts you in control, every step of the way. Traditionally, you might spend hours searching for tradesmen, worrying if they are trustworthy, professional and worthy of your business. In fact, you would almost certainly experience a pretty stressful time. But now, when you choose to get your quotations through our service, you can count on us to do all of the hard work, whilst still being in the driving seat of your project.

You will not have to put up with lots of phone calls from different contractors, a mixture of people coming to your home or site for measurements or even awkward conversations about prices and budgets



Wetransmit all of your questions via our online system to your potential service providers, meaning you don’t need to deal direct until you’ve made your choice. Our process is streamlined, slick and simple, enabling you to get fast responses and to access all your essential information online, at any time. Our innovative quote process makes it easy to compare numerous providers, and when you use our quotation request service you’ll only need to give contractors all the details of your project once.

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If your project is a complex task, you may need a home visit so that additional photographs and measurements can be provided. Normally this means letting a contractor into your home, which can often open you up to pushy sales tactics and awkward conversations. When you work with Ambient, it will only be our own in house rep who comes to conduct the home visit, meaning you can be confident you’ll never be pushed into one thing or another as a result.



All you need to do is check you’re happy with the quoted price and specifications, then approve your contractor to start working on your job. Nobody will call you to chase up their quote, nobody will knock on your door. This is your project, and you’re the boss, so it’s up to you to contact us once you’re ready to go ahead.

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